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Overscheduling in a Busy World

February 21, 2019

Over the twenty-eight years I have been teaching piano, I have met many children who were scheduled in never-ending activities.  So when I read “An Open Letter From An Overscheduled Child”, it resonated strongly with me.

Children need unscheduled time.   They need unrushed time, time without looking at a clock.   Is it my parenting style?  Besides the “Open Letter” below, are there psychological studies which reaffirm that children need unscheduled time in their lives?  Probably, but I don’t know.

Life is too short.  Schedule wisely.  Your children will only be home for a certain number of years.  Fill those years with family dinners, doing things together, like baking cookies or playing games.  Treasure your time with your children., because they are a gift.

Anyways, without further ado, read a powerful letter from an overscheduled child.

An Open Letter From An Overscheduled Child

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